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Cafe Don Pedro

Cafe Don Pedro French Roast Low-Acid Coffee Regular Can

Cafe Don Pedro French Roast Low-Acid Coffee Regular Can

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Cafe Don Pedro French Roast Low-Acid Coffee offers a deliciously smoky flavor thanks to a long roasting time that brings the oils in the coffee bean to the surface. It has a dark brown roast and an acidity level significantly lower than other coffees, making it perfect for those with sensitive stomachs.

Coffee without Heartburn?

Industry-standard coffee usually hovers around 4.85-5.10 in pH, potentially causing digestive issues for those with sensitive stomachs. Cafe Don Pedro's pH is closer to an average of water, meaning many of our patrons can still appreciate gourmet blends without the common distress of acidic symptoms.

How is Cafe Don Pedro Low Acid Coffee made?
Our coffee beans are naturally lower in acidity compared to others, with an additional advantage from our traditional artisan roasting method. The removal of the chaff, the skin of the coffee bean, leads to a smoother taste and lowered acidity from its mineral content. We achieve this without any chemical intervention, preserving the caffeine level and flavor. Our traditional, natural techniques and skill are responsible for this.

What about the taste?
Here is the best part: Cafe Don Pedro is delicious. Lower acidity results in a smooth cup of coffee. Don Pedro Coffee is made from selected beans resulting in balanced and smooth coffee without bitterness or acidity. 

What's with the pricing? 
We recently introduced the opportunity to buy just one can. Since we cover the shipping anywhere in the US lower 48 states we are able to offer very competitive pricing if you purchase multiple cans at the time

4 cans = 3 lbs  

6 cans = 4.5 lbs 

12 cans = 9 lbs


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