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Don Pedro Coffee

Cafe Don Pedro American Roast 34.5 oz cans

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Choose between 6 or 2 cans of Cafe Don Pedro American roast, 34.5 oz. each.

American Roast is a medium roast, not too light, not too dark. Coffee's natural characteristics are preserved and there is a hint of caramel from the longer roasting time.

Coffee without Heartburn?

Coffee without Heartburn?
Approximately 20 % of people suffer from Gastroesophageal reflux disease, GERD, Interstitial cystitis (IC), or Painful bladder. Some are afraid they'll have to give up or cut down their coffee consumption, but not all hope is lost! Did you know not all coffee has the same acid levels?

Typical industrial coffee has a pH level of 4.85 to 5.10 and your doctor is right, it will cause issues if you have a sensitive stomach. Cafe Don Pedro has a pH level much closer to water (pH 7.0) and like thousands of our customers, you may be able to keep enjoying high-quality coffee without suffering from acidic symptoms.

How is Cafe Don Pedro Low Acid Coffee made?
We select green coffee beans that are naturally lower in acidity than others. But the biggest difference comes from the way we roast the coffee. Our traditional artisan roasting method gets rid of the chaff, the skin of the coffee bean. And that's great because it not only results in a smoother taste but also in low acid coffee since the chaff is high in minerals, which contribute to the acidity of the coffee. There are no additional chemicals involved, no watering down the taste or affecting the caffeine level. It's all in our traditional natural methods and craftsmanship.

What about the taste?
Here is the best part: Cafe Don Pedro is delicious. Lower acidity results in a smooth cup of coffee. Don Pedro Coffee is made from selected beans resulting in balanced and smooth coffee without bitterness or acidity. >