Why You Should Try A Cup of Low Acid Coffee

Why You Should Try A Cup of Low Acid Coffee

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Coffee is a delicious way to start your day or give yourself an energy boost any time you need it.  With so many flavors and varieties, there are types of coffee out there for just about anybody – including low acid variations, which have some surprising benefits!

Low acid coffee has gotten something of a bad reputation, due to the way it was produced in the past.  Previously, most low-acid coffee was produced either with chemicals or by roasting the beans for far too long – trading the acid for a burned taste.  Neither of these made for a good cup.

However, there have been big improvements in the creation of reduced acid coffee in recent years!  New brews and blends are just as tasty as normal coffee, plus you can get them in a much wider variety of styles, even light roasts.  That means there’s more reason than ever to give low acid coffee a try!

Three Reasons to Drink Coffee with Less Acid

  1. It’s better for your stomach

The big reason to try a reduced acid coffee is that it’s a lot easier on the stomach.  If you suffer from heartburn after drinking coffee, this is the perfect remedy.  Also, it’s a great option if you suffer from any number of stomach disorders including GERD, Crohn’s Disease, or chronic ulcers.  Any stomach problem which would be made worse by eating or drinking acidic things will be able to cope with low acid coffee much better.

So, if you think you have to cut coffee out of your diet, there’s still hope!

  1. It’s better for your teeth

Another unfortunate fact about coffee is that it does tend to stain people’s teeth.  The combination of the dark brown color, and the acid makes it easy to eat away at tooth enamel and leave stains behind.  So, low acid coffee helps avoid this.  The lower acidity means it won’t do as much damage to the teeth and makes it a good option for people who’ve recently had teeth-whitening sessions or other dental work.

  1. It tastes good!

Sure, some people like bitter coffee, and that’s fine – there’s plenty of coffees for everyone.  But if you prefer a mild cup, low acid coffee could be exactly what you’re looking for.  It doesn’t even need milk!

Café Don Pedro carries an excellent variety of low acid coffees anyone can enjoy – try some today!