What You Need to Know About Low-Acid Coffee

What You Need to Know About Low-Acid Coffee

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Do you feel your stomach churning and/or having an acid reflux as soon as you gulp down some coffee? If yes, you might be sensitive to the acidic content in your coffee. You might not realize it, but the acids present in your coffee can cause severe health issues related to one’s stomach for some individuals. If not treated properly, this may lead you one to having major dietary restrictions which can ultimately mean, no more coffee for you. Sounds dreadful? Yes, we know. But there is good news.

Luckily, there are many choices of low-acid coffee in the market that can prevent you from feeling the way acidic coffee does. Low-acid coffees contain the same great taste as home-brewed coffee. Low-acid doesn’t mean that the taste of your coffee will be bland. In fact, less acidity makes room for tart, sweet, and fruity notes that are unique to each blend.

If you’re having stomach issues or just want to try something new, take a moment to learn a bit about low-acid coffee options.

Certain Coffees Cause Gastric Issues

Coffee is notorious for causing gastrointestinal problems for people. There are some coffee blends which contain high amounts of acid in them which contribute to indigestion issues. However, do not think that only highly acidic coffee can take a toll on your body. For some, standard levels of acidic content in a coffee may also pose the same problems. These acids in coffee can cause acid reflux, which usually stems from stomach acid entering the esophagus. Although acid reflux (also known as heartburn) can also be caused by eating too much at once, consuming fatty foods, alcohol, coffee can be a solid contributor to the problem as well.

Of course there is a solution for these problems. One must look into the wide range of low-acid coffees which exist. Low-acid coffee is a brilliant middle ground between the two extremes, which are, either to live without a drop of coffee or to continue risking your health for it. Make the smarter choice of introducing low-acid coffee into your lives.

Where to Hunt for Low-Acid Coffee?

When you’re on the hunt for low-acid coffee, look for coffees originating from the following locations:

  • Sumatra
  • Brazil
  • Nicaragua

Often, low-acid coffees are grown in higher latitudes. As a general rule, Espresso, Cafetiere, and Bialetti from a semi-automatic espresso machine create the lowest acid levels in coffee. So now you know what to order at the café the next time you go out for coffee!

Roast Matters

Darker roasts tend to contain less caffeine as compared to light and medium roasts, which means lesser gastrointestinal problems. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re looking for a low-acid coffee on the fly and don’t have time to look at each product’s specifications, grab a dark roast to be safe.

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