What Makes the Difference Between High Acid and Low Acid Coffees?

What Makes the Difference Between High Acid and Low Acid Coffees?

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Undoubtedly, one of the most controversial topics when discussing coffee blends and flavors is that of acidity.  Coffee is naturally acidic to some extent, but the amount of acid -and the flavors which come with that acid- can vary greatly between cups.  Some people love acidic coffee, others dislike the taste or have stomach issues which prevent them from drinking it.

So, what can make the difference between high acid and low acid coffee?  It’s not one factor.  In fact, there are many factors which all determine how much acid is present!

Six Things That Determine High or Low Acid Coffee

  1. Soil

Soil types are one of the big reasons that place-of-origin matters so much to coffee.  Soil will have different levels of acidity, and this will translate directly into beans grown in it.  The more acidic the soil, the more acidic the beans that are produced.

  1. Genetics

The species of coffee plant makes a big difference as well!  Arabica coffee, for example, tends to be low acid.  Or, others tend to have a much higher acid content.  This usually just boils down to the genetics of the plant.

  1. Climate

Coffees raised in colder climates tend to have more acid because they mature more slowly.  Coffees in warmer regions mature more quickly and don’t have time to develop as much acid.  This also relates to elevation, since that’s one major way to control climate:  coffee grown at higher elevations, which are colder, will be more acidic.

  1. Processing method

How are the coffee beans extracted from the raw coffee cherry fruit?  The more quickly and thoroughly the cherry is removed, the more acidic the bean will be.  More natural drying/processing methods which leave the cherry on the bean will transfer more sucrose and fructose into the bean, reducing acidity.

  1. Roasting method

This one is straightforward: the longer the coffee beans are roasted, the more acid will get burned out of them in the process.  Light roasts are almost always more acidic than dark roasts.

  1. Brewing method

Finely-ground coffee is more acidic than coarse-ground.  Also, the hotter the water, the more acidic the cup will be.  For low acid coffee, try cold brewing!

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