What are the Best Low-Acid K-Cups for Your Stomach?

What are the Best Low-Acid K-Cups for Your Stomach?


If you’ve been told by a physician that switching to a less acidic blend of coffee for your morning pick-me-up is essential, don’t despair: there’s still a way to enjoy your favorite beans and blends without the cramps and acid reflux. Many coffee roasters are now making a variety of low-acid beans available for your K-Cup coffee makers, including the master roasters from Café Don Pedro.


Here’s a bit more information on low-acid K-Cup coffee and how to find the best blends for your stomach.


Why Invest in Low-Acid K-Cup Coffee?


Before going over the options available to coffee drinkers, it might be helpful to first explain some of the subtler reasons why one might purchase low-acid coffee in the first place. The naturally-occurring acidity in coffee is well-known to cause stomach issues, such as cramps and acid reflux, but there are also other reasons why coffee drinkers might switch to a low-acid blend.


Some of the leading reasons coffee drinkers prefer low-acid coffee are:


  • Some naturally-occurring acids can damage tooth enamel and even lead to tooth decay.
  • The tannins in a cup of coffee can stick to your teeth and cause them to turn yellow over time.
  • Caffeine and high acidity can easily irritate your stomach lining, causing irritable bowels and exacerbating existing issues.


Doesn’t Low-Acid K-Cup Coffee Have Less Nutrients?


If you’re afraid that low-acid blend or beans you purchase will have fewer nutrients because it’s low-acid, think again. By incorporating high-quality beans and an innovative roasting process, many of the nutrients present in the average cup of coffee will be in your low-acid K-Cup blends, such as important antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.


What Are Some of the Best Low-Acid K-Cup Blends Available?


One of the leading benefits of the Low-Acid K-Cup coffees available from Café Don Pedro is that they’re compatible with both types of Keurig model coffee makers. There is also a wide selection of low-acid blends to choose from, all created from high-quality Arabica beans, including:


  • Breakfast Blend
  • Colombia Supremo
  • French Roast
  • Southern Pecan
  • Donut Shop Blend
  • Decaf Premium


Place your order for quality, low-acid K-Cups today!


If you want to enjoy your daily cup of coffee without risking cramps and acid reflux issues, switching to one of the blends available from Café Don Pedro is a must. Contact us today to learn more about our inventory.