The Benefits of Low Acid Coffee & Where to Find it

The Benefits of Low Acid Coffee & Where to Find it


It’s no surprise that coffee contains acidity: it’s what often provides it with that fruity, signature flavor so many have come to love. However, not all the acids in coffee are beneficial, especially for those with more sensitive stomachs. The coffee roasters from Café Don Pedro have made it their life’s work to help as many people as possible have access to quality coffee blends, which is why they also offer a variety of low acid coffee blends.


However, if you’re not sure of why one might drink a low acid coffee, our team of roasting experts has collected some insight for you below.


What Type of Coffee Aggravates a Sensitive Stomach?


Before getting too deep into why one might opt for a low acid blend over their traditional morning cup of coffee, it’s important to understand that there are some acids present in coffee that affect the stomach and some that don’t. It’s the coffees with much lower pH levels that will affect those with stomach issues, so basing your decision on how acidic a coffee is on taste alone doesn’t always work.


What Are Some of the Major Reasons to Switch to Low-Acid Blends?


The leading reason to invest in low acid coffee is if you’re suffering from acid sensitivity and gastric problems, such as heartburn or acid reflux. The acid in coffee and other foods can easily make your issue much worse, which is why many would rather opt for a low acid blend then suffer through the day simply for their morning cup of joe.


Where Can I Find Low Acid Coffee?


There are some types of coffee that are naturally less acidic than others, particularly darker blends, as the roasting process removes some of the acids. Other single-origin beans like Sumatra, Brazilian and Nicaraguan blends are also naturally less acidic. However, even they may be tough on those suffering from regular stomach issues, which is why many roasters make a variety of low acid beans available.


Don’t struggle with stomach issues, discover our low acid blends today


If you want to be comfortable throughout the day while still starting it off with a quality, steaming cup of coffee, Café Don Pedro can help. Contact us today or visit our website for a closer look at our inventory.