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  • Cafe Orleans™ French Chicory Coffee 14 oz cans
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Don Pedro Coffee

Cafe Orleans™ French Chicory Coffee, 12 x 14 oz cans

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12 cans of 14 oz for a total of 10.5 lbs (168 oz)

Many hear the term chicory and immediately think of coffee because historically it’s been a common ingredient in coffee blends, like the Cafe Orleans™ French Chicory Coffee from Don Pedro Coffee. But chicory has existed for centuries as a favorite drink, dating all the way back to Ancient Greece. It’s become such an enduring ingredient because of its unique flavor when paired with certain coffee roasts.

The Cafe Orleans™ French Chicory Coffee from Mitalena Coffee is made with French roast Arabica ground coffee beans and 10% French chicory, providing coffee drinkers with a rich and savory dark roast. This blend is naturally low-acid and offers a lighter alternative than other coffee roasts, while still boasting an expansive flavor profile. It’s perfect by itself or makes an exceptional café au lait.