Flavored Coffee from Café Don Pedro

Sometimes, there’s nothing like a smoky, savory cup of flavored coffee, especially on those colder days. Indeed, Flavored coffee with a little milk and sugar become a Dessert Drink.

But have you ever wondered how your favorite beans are infused with such unique flavors as French vanilla, hazelnut cream or southern pecan? There are a few components involved in Café Don Pedro’s flavored coffee production, so let’s take a look at the process.

How is Flavored Coffee Made?

Coffee has been around for centuries and flavored coffee, for nearly as long. Historically, it’s often been flavored with such spices as cinnamon, cardamom, Corriender, and even pepper. Nowadays things are done a little differently, with roasters adding either natural or natural & artificial flavors together. These added artificial flavors actually have the same exact chemical makeup as naturally occurring ones.

What are the Different Types of Flavors?

When it comes to flavored coffee, the variety of flavors are nearly endless. Most popular flavored coffees include among others: French vanilla, hazelnut cream and southern pecan. However, for more adventurous coffee drinkers, more uniquely flavored coffees include chocolate cherry, Orange Truffle, Amaretto Supreme, and more...the list goes on. Visit for more detail.

How Do You Recognize Quality Flavored Coffee?

There are a few components that make up a quality cup of flavored coffee, the first being whether or not it was created with natural flavors or chemical additives. Naturally occurring flavors are almost always preferable, as additives can often leave beans tasting a little “off.” The roasting process will also affect flavor. For those who desire a richer, bolder taste, turn to dark roasted flavored coffee; for a lighter, sweeter taste, choose a lighter blend. Poor storage will affect flavor over time, so be sure the flavored coffee you choose has been kept in an airtight package or container at room temperature.

Let Café Don Pedro wow your senses with our unique flavored coffee

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