Southern Pecan Ground Coffee 12 oz. x 6 bags

Southern Pecan Ground Coffee 12 oz. x 6 bags



Southern Pecan Ground Coffee 12 oz. x 6 bags

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Southern Pecan Coffee from Café Don Pedro

Flavored coffee lovers will delight in the Southern Pecan Coffee available from Café Don Pedro. It boasts a rich, creamy flavor profile. Recalling roasted nuts and caramel flavors, this is a blend for coffee drinkers that like their morning cup of joe with a flavorful kick. It’s perfect to drink black or mixed with milk in a café au lait. Made with 100% pure Arabica coffee beans, this is one flavored coffee that won’t disappoint. It is more than a coffee. It is a dessert drink as well.

To ensure the very best cup of coffee, grind your beans finely for a cone filter, medium for a drip machine and course for French presses. Be sure to avoid chlorinated water when brewing your Southern Pecan Coffee and use one full tablespoon of ground coffee for each 8 oz. cup of water. Also, store your beans in an airtight container to ensure freshness.

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