French Vanilla Ground Coffee 12 oz. x 6 bags

French Vanilla Ground Coffee 12 oz. x 6 bags



French Vanilla Ground Coffee 12 oz. x 6 bags

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French Vanilla Ground Coffee from Café Don Pedro

If you’re the type who wakes up in the morning craving something sweet, then you’ll love the French Vanilla Ground Coffee available from Café Don Pedro. Not many know that French vanilla isn’t even a vanilla flavor at all, not truly: it was started as a way to describe the French way of making desserts like ice cream and pastries using egg yolks and vanilla capsules. This sweet method of cooking is replicated in every 12 oz.-bag of Café Don Pedro’s French Vanilla Ground Coffee.

Another pleasing benefit of our French Vanilla Ground Coffee is that it’s made from the finest 100% Arabica coffee beans. Our gourmet coffee is also low in acidity, making it easier on the stomach and the teeth. Every batch of coffee produced by Café Don Pedro is expertly roasted in our artisanal roasting facility in Houston, Texas. We utilize a European-style roasting approach, air-cooling every batch and stone grinding our beans to ensure perfection.

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