Café Don Pedro® Ground Coffee American Roast 11.5 oz

Café Don Pedro® Ground Coffee American Roast 11.5 oz


Café Don Pedro American Roast case of 12 cans x 11.5 oz.

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American Roast Coffee from Café Don Pedro

Are you searching for a low-acid coffee that still offers all the rich taste you’ve grown accustomed to? You’ll be delighted to learn about Café Don Pedro’s American Roast Coffee. Boasting a smooth texture and rich flavor attributed to the mountain-grown Arabica beans we use, our American Roast Coffee has become a favorite in many households and coffee specialty stores. This ground coffee is suitable for every type of drip coffee maker, with an all-purpose grind that makes up to 400 cups. It also comes in a specially sealed can to ensure freshness and easy storage. It is a great blend of coffee for Cold Brew.

Café Don Pedro is committed to offering quality coffee at an affordable price. To make the perfect cup of American Roast Coffee, use one tablespoon of ground coffee beans for each cup of water (8 oz.). For the best results, avoid chlorinated water and be sure to stir it once it’s finished brewing.

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