Don Pedro-72 ct. Southern Pecan Arabica Low Acid Single Serve Brew-Cups

Don Pedro-72 ct. Southern Pecan Arabica Low Acid Single Serve Brew-Cups



Café Don Pedro® Brew-Cups Southern Pecan 72 ct.

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Southern Pecan Brew-Cups from Café Don Pedro

If you’re in search of a sweet, savory coffee that boasts a rich flavor profile that doesn’t take too much time to brew, you’ll love the Southern Pecan Brew-Cups available from Café Don Pedro. This flavored blend brings you into the deep south, with a flavor steeped in roasted nuts and caramels. It’s the ideal choice for coffee drinkers who want a caffeine boost, as well as something to satisfy their sweet tooth. You can mix it with milk for a flavorful café au lait or drink it black, either way, it’s sure to satisfy.

One of the leading benefits of the Southern Pecan Brew-Cups is that their innovative Brew-Cup technology makes for a better cup of coffee, packed with just the perfect amount of flavor. They’re also designed to work with all Keurig® K-Cup® brewers.  Additionally, the blend is made from 100%, low-acid Arabica beans, and it’s roasted and stone-ground in the European style in our very own facility in Houston, Texas. This batch comes with six, 12ct-boxes of Southern Pecan-flavored coffee.

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