Our Story

Our Story

United Intertrade, Inc (UNICO) has been roasting coffee and creating high quality coffee products for over 35 years. We are a family owned and operated business with a portfolio of specialty coffee products including Don Pedro Coffee, and Mitalena Coffee. We are passionate about the mighty coffee bean and have been providing our loyal coffee customers the best tasting and highest quality coffees from around the world.

We follow strict protocols in sourcing beans and in our roasting process to ensure our customers can enjoy their cup of coffee with complete peace of mind.

UNICO, is a custom order coffee facility specializing in Roasting, Blending, Flavoring, Canning, Fractional Packing, K-CUP Packaging and Private Labeling for wholesale and retail businesses.

UNICO handles all grades of coffees including: show quality exotic coffees, organic and premium micro lots coffees, and large quantities of commercial varieties.

Our unique production facility allows us the flexibility to custom tailor a coffee packaging solutions ideally suited for any requirement.

UNICO’s coffee inventories include a wide variety of premium Single Origin coffee beans from all around the world including: Colombian Supremo, Kenya AA, Mexican Altura, Costa Rican Tarrazzu, Brazilian Bourbon Santos, Guatemalan Antiqua, Hawaiian Kona, Indonesian Sumatra, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, Tanzanian Peaberry, Ethiopian Harari and Sidamo, Honduran Marcala, Panama Boquette, Zimbabwe Salimba, Zambian Estate AA, Malawi Mapanga and others.

At Unico we use specialized coffee roasters that are designed in the single batch, slow roasting, air cooling European roasting system. This traditional “old world style” roasting process has been proven to produce lower acid coffee of unmatched smoothness and aromatic quality. This is done by stripping all the layers of chaff from the beans. The result of a tedious process is perfectly roasted coffee with aroma content and superior flavor even in decaffeinated coffees. The blending of matching coffee beans produces coffee with various levels of strength and boldness.

The basic roasts by shades of color are: American roast(light), Vienna roast(deep brown), medium roast, Full City roast, Espresso Roast, French roast, Turkish roast and Italian roast.