Why Choose Organic Coffee Roaster?

The term “organic” has been overused. Most businesses don’t really know what it means and use the term to boost their sales which leads into cheating their customers. On a general principle, organic products tend to be richer in flavor and contain lesser chemicals. The same stands true for coffee. For coffee roasters like ourselves, we strive to provide our customers with the best coffee. And the foundation for the best coffee is real and organic coffee beans. Once you try Café Don Pedro’s coffee, you will taste the difference between organic coffee and non-organic coffee.

Take a look at some qualities that separates organic coffee from regular coffee:

  • Traditional Roasting Process: Café Don Pedro takes pride in being organic coffee roasters, meaning, our coffee roasting processes are completely different than non-organic roasters. How do we do it? For starters, our beans are not steeped in chemicals or other additives which can really take away from the true flavor of coffee. Café Don Pedro, uses traditional roasting techniques and machinery invented long before pesticides.
  • Pricing Structure: There’s a stigma related to organic products that just because it’s organic, it has to be, well, more expensive. While that may be the case for some products, Café Don Pedro is an exception because there are several subsidies for certified-organic roasters like us. This means Café Don Pedro can provide for higher quality organic coffee at the same price as non-organic coffee roasters.
  • Wide Variety of Roasts: As one of the leading organic coffee roasters, Café Don Pedro has all the coffee beans that are available in the world. From these beans, we use all kinds of roasting process to create all combinations of coffee roasts possible. Fans of light, medium, dark roasts and special blends will be happy to learn that all of their favorite beans are available at Café Don Pedro.

Benefits of Café Don Pedro’s Organic Coffee

Certified-organic coffee not only provides a more flavorful and richer brew, but it has other advantages which help it be the preferred kind of coffee for many people. If you are to buy coffee from Café Don Pedro, you can be assured that your coffee will have no chemical residue, which can be very harmful for your body. That being said, chemical pesticides and fertilizers also have a negative impact on the environment. Café Don Pedro is a conscious business and we put the environment first

The other advantage of choosing organic coffee roasters is that organic coffee production is a certified process, which leads to much-more oversight into the manufacturing procedure and treatment of employees. Certified-organic producers and roasters are required to follow strict guidelines that include regular inspections and penalties for not following regulations.

Taste a batch from our organic coffee roasters today!

If you’re in the mood for a fresh, flavorful cup of coffee the organic coffee roasters, Café Don Pedro would love to hear from you, so contact our team today to learn more about the roasting process. You can even place your order through our online store.