Low Acid K Cups Are A Healthy Coffee Option for Seniors!

Low Acid K Cups Are A Healthy Coffee Option for Seniors!

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Are your doctors starting to nag you about your eating and drinking habits?  Are they trying to take away the things you love?  This is a problem a lot of seniors face, and coffee is frequently on the chopping block.  Doctors love to talk about how coffee can be bad for you, never mind how delicious it is.

(Or maybe you’re just a caffeine addict…)

However, there might be an alternative that will allow you to keep enjoying the coffee you love, while also getting the doctors off your back: low acid K cups!  Low acid coffee is a great alternative to traditional brews and the taste is better than ever.

The Major Health Benefits of Low Acid K Cups

Probably the most common reason a doctor would tell someone to stop drinking coffee is if they suffer from ulcers, acid reflux, GERD, or other gastrointestinal problems.  And, well, they’re not wrong.  The acid in traditional coffee is definitely a problem for people with stomach problems.

However, that’s not nearly as much of an issue with low acid coffee!  These coffees have a pH much more like tea or even light soft drinks.

Now, you might have heard that low acid coffee is tasteless, or watery.  That used to be true, last century, but not anymore.  Today’s low acid coffees keep all the taste, body, and – yes – the caffeine of traditional brews.   In fact, we know a lot of people who honestly prefer low acid coffee because it retains all the best parts of coffee flavor without quite so much bitterness.

If you really love coffee, you can even drink more of it, since the acid won’t hurt your stomach.

Of course, if caffeine is an issue, there are decaf versions as well.  So there really isn’t any reason for your doctor to keep complaining about your coffee drinking.  Whether it’s fully-caffeinated or low-caf, low acid K cups are the easy and convenient way to enjoy the coffee you want, any time, without causing stomach problems!

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