How to Make Your Coffee Less Acidic

How to Make Your Coffee Less Acidic


If you suffer from chronic heartburn or acid reflux, then drinking coffee each morning might be tough on your stomach. But it’s important to know that a cup of low acid coffee can be just the solution. However, not everyone is aware of precisely how to make their daily cup less acidic, so Café Don Pedro wants to offer a little help.


Here you’ll find some of the leading tips for making low acid coffee!


Drink Arabica Beans


One way to make your own cup of low acid coffee is to only drink Arabica coffee beans. These types of beans usually contain less acid than their lower-grade counterparts, robusta beans. There are a host of high-quality blends and single origins coffees consisting of Arabica beans.


Pay Attention to Soil & Altitude


Any coffee purveyor will be able to tell you where a particular bean was grown and what type of soil it was grown in. This is because the altitude and soil are responsible for giving coffee beans their unique flavor. Coffee grown at higher altitudes tend to be more acidic, as well as those grown in volcanic soil.


Consider Buying Dark Roasts


When it comes to acidity in coffee, the amount of roasting certainly matters. Lighter roasts are often more acidic, bearing those fruity overtones. This means those who want a low acid coffee should go for something a bit darker, like French roast.


Invest in Low Acid Coffee


There are actually low acid coffees created specifically for those who suffer from stomach irritation or want to reduce their acid intake. Through the use of innovative roasting and treating techniques, roasters can create a flavorful bean that has drastically reduced acid.


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