So how is Flavored Coffee made?

So how is Flavored Coffee made?


Do you ever catch yourself wondering how that of French Vanilla coffee in your hands is made? Or when you taste that first sip of your Hazelnut Latte in the cold winter, your curiosity piques—how do the get that perfect flavor every time? Or maybe you’ve always found it fascinating how Southern Pecan flavored coffee can remind you of the slice of delicious Pecan pie you loved as a child. If you resonated with any of the statements above, you’re not the only one. One of our most commonly asked questions is that “How is it that Café Don Pedro makes its delicious signature coffee flavored blend?” Considering that, the Master Roasters at Café Don Pedro though it was only fair to share some of our flavored coffee roasting secrets with you.


Here’s how the coffee roasters from Café Don Pedro make sure that every cup of your favorite blend has that same savory and sweet flavor.


Selecting Quality Beans


The first step in producing an unbeatable cup of flavored coffee is understanding and then deciding which type of beans you want to roast and flavor. This is not an easy task considering the fact that there is a wide range of organically-grown beans available. But it doesn’t just stop at the beans. To most people’s surprise, it is usually the way coffee beans are roasted that helps roasters like us make the decision of the creation of flavored coffee. That being said, there are various types of coffee roasts that are just bursting with flavor, texture, color, you name is. Coffee can move between bring fruity light roasts to richer, darker blends. It all depends on your palette and preference.


Choosing Your Flavors


After zoning in on the type of coffee bean and the perfect roast for your palette comes the time to select which flavor or flavors you want to add to the coffee during the mixing process. Café Don Pedro recommends using natural flavors, which are either extracted from natural ingredients or boast the same chemical balance of your favorite flavors found in nature. That’s because you want your coffee and flavor to blend and not taste as if they were two different entities all together.


Mix it Up!


Now for the fun part. Once your coffee is done with the roasting process, you want to go ahead and grind your roasted coffee in the mixer.  At this point, you want to add the highly concentrated flavor syrup. Keep in mind, you want your coffee beans to still be warm from the roasting. Warm beans will absorb the flavor much better than cool beans. When it comes to flavoring your coffee, apply the concept of “less is more”. A good rule of thumb for adding syrup is to add only 3% of the weight of beans you’ve roasted. This way your coffee does not get overpowered by flavor. Believe it or not, more flavor doesn’t mean more flavorful coffee. More flavor means really bad and unusable coffee.


Let it Spin!


After you have added everything necessary to the mixer, it’s time to sit back and relax for a few and watch your hard work pay off. Warm coffee beans are extremely porous, so it doesn’t take them too long to absorb the flavor. It takes some 15 minutes to fully absorb the flavor. So grab a cup of coffee during that time and be prepared to brew your fresh, new batch of flavored coffee!


Café Don Pedro carries the leading flavored coffee


As exciting and fun the process of making your own flavored coffee is, it surely can be a long and taxing process. But don’t be discouraged. Café Don Pedro carries some amazing flavored coffee blends which will satiate your need for flavored coffee. However, we’re all for you if you wish to challenge yourself. But to take that first step, you need the right beans and we can provide that for you. Contact Café Don Pedro today to learn more about our roasting process and certified-organic beans.