Does Drinking Coffee During Summertime Help Cool You Down?

Does Drinking Coffee During Summertime Help Cool You Down?

Drinking Hot Coffee In Summer

You may have heard that drinking beverages closer to your body temperature when the weather is hot can keep you cooler than your favorite iced beverage? But who wants to have a steaming cup of coffee rather than a cool, iced latte?

At Café Don Pedro, we’ve been helping people enjoy their favorite cup of coffee year-round. Here, our team has provided a bit more insight into drinking coffee on those scorching summer days.

Can Coffee Actually Keep You Cool?

The answer is a resounding yes! Coffee helps cool you down much in the same way as a good run on a hot day: by making you sweat. The same sweat glands that are activated when you exercise are also stimulated when you drink hot coffee, drawing out heat and cooling your body. Of course, you might not want to be a ball of sweat if you’re out on a date at a coffee shop, so the choice of hot or cold is up to you.

Does Hot Coffee Have More Caffeine Than Iced Coffee?

Many prefer iced drinks during the summertime. However, they may not have as much in the way of caffeine as a cup of regular, hot-brewed coffee. This is because heat is more successful at extracting the caffeine from coffee beans. So, if you find you don’t get quite as much of a kick from your cup of iced coffee, try a regularly brewed cup in the morning instead.

Does Coffee Dehydrate You?

Some might be worried about drinking too much caffeine in the summer and being dehydrated. Although coffee is considered a diuretic, it affects people differently. That’s why you should monitor your coffee intake to determine a level that’s right for you, as well as drink plenty of water throughout the day as you normally would.

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