Custom Roast Coffee – Your Cup, Your Coffee

Custom Roast Coffee – Your Cup, Your Coffee


$13.6 billion. That’s how much was spent on coffee between 2014 and 2016. Most of that was spent on regular coffee. But there is a niche within the coffee industry that is growing fast – custom roast coffee.  Custom roast coffee, or specialty coffee as it is commonly known as coffee roast to a retailer’s or consumer’s specifications. Although this may seem like a tedious process, it really isn’t. It is simply a matter of blending your favorite coffee beans and roast them to order. Besides, it is worth the little hassle associated with it. Take a sip of Café Don Pedro® K-cup® Breakfast Blend 72 ct for proof.

You Should Try it to Like it.


Custom Roast Coffee – A Journey of Flavors

So how exactly is custom roast coffee roasted? It’s simple really, especially when you consider how sensitive the mighty coffee bean is. Any change in humidity, temperature, and soil type will affect the taste of the coffee. Café Don Pedro highlights this journey step by step.

  1. Selection of the Beans

This is the first step in creating your own special coffee blend. As mentioned earlier, the flavor of a coffee bean is influenced by where it is grown. This is why creating a custom-roast coffee begins with the selection of the beans, particularly the origin of the beans. At this stage, your beans are green, then roasted to order, and great care must be taken to preserve the flavors if they must be shipped.

  1. Roast the Beans

Another factor that will influence your signature flavor is the roasting process. Professional coffee roasters (Master Roasters) like Café Don Pedro understand the science of roasting coffee beans to perfection and treat it as an art. This is a delicate stage in the journey of creating that unique flavor. Whether you like your coffee lightly roasted, medium roasted, dark, extra dark or even flavored, it’s your coffee and your choice.

  1. Choose Your Base

The creation of a custom-roast coffee continues with the selection of your base bean (single origin). This is the type of bean you want to have the predominant flavor of your coffee.  If you love Colombian or Indonesian coffee, that will probably be your base of choice.

  1. Pick Your Flavor

This is the part your taste in coffee will really shine – picking the flavorings. Whether you want a blend of coffees or flavorings like hazelnut, cinnamon, or whatever flavor you want to add, coffee is so versatile you can create any flavor you dream of.

  1. Think Deep About Your Roaster

When it comes to creating your perfect blend of custom-roast coffee, you need to work with a coffee roaster that understands coffee and can envision the flavor you are ultimately after. Coffee, after all, is sensitive and coffee taste is objective and demands precision when working with it.


Custom Roast Coffee – Your Cup, Your Coffee

Ready to make a mark on the world with your own custom-roast coffee? Find out more about custom roast coffees and other great products by getting in touch with Café Don Pedro today.