5 Benefits of Mountain-Grown Coffee

5 Benefits of Mountain-Grown Coffee


It’s no secret that the best coffee often comes from more sparsely populated, mountainous regions of the world. Places like Colombia and Hawaii are often considered exceptional coffee producers, but why exactly? Well, the team from Café Don Pedro is here to tell you that elevation plays a huge role in the development of a great coffee bean…that and a little TLC (tender love and care)!


Here are a few facts about why high elevation makes a more delicious brew.


  1. Drier Weather


Coffee beans grown in mountainous regions tend to do better when they’re harvested since the areas are often much drier than other locales. This is because this allows the beans to ripen more consistently and enables the coffee cherries to mature all at once, eliminating the chance that an unripe cherry is going to sneak in and spoil the flavor.


  1. Temperature

Mountain-grown coffee, also known as highland coffee, benefits from the cooler climates in higher regions. Lower temperatures allow the beans to grow at a slower pace, hardening them and enabling them to develop a more complex flavor profile.


  1. Drainage

Too much water can destroy a coffee bean’s flavor, which is why areas with great drainage are preferred. Mountainous areas might receive rainfall, but the water doesn’t stick around for too long with all the natural drainage areas carved into the rocky terrain. This drier climate helps coffee cherries avoid damage due to pests and funguses.


  1. Soil

The more fertile the soil is the better the bean, at least as far as Arabica coffees are concerned. So it’s no surprise that some of the most delicious beans are grown in areas with fertile, volcanic soil, like Hawaii and Costa Rica. The high the elevation and richer the soil, the more a coffee’s aroma and flavor will develop.


  1. Sun & Clouds

Full sunlight isn’t best for some plants: coffee is one of them. Abundant sunshine in the morning and cloud coverage during the hotter hours of the day is the perfect ingredient for a quality coffee bean. This type of exposure helps plants cool off and also keeps them nice and dry.


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