April 2019

What are the Best Low-Acid K-Cups for Your Stomach?

If you’ve been told by a physician that switching to a less acidic blend of coffee for your morning pick-me-up is essential, don’t despair: there’s still a way to enjoy your favorite beans and blends without the cramps and acid reflux. Many coffee roasters are now making a variety of low-acid beans available for your […]

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How to Find Low-Acid K-Cup Coffee

Have you been told to avoid caffeine for one reason or another? Perhaps with age, you’ve become more sensitive to the naturally-occurring acids present in coffee. Unfortunately, it’s often these very same acids that give particular beans and blends their unique flavor. But don’t despair! There’s such a thing as low-acid K-Cup coffee and it […]

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The Benefits of Low Acid Coffee & Where to Find it

It’s no surprise that coffee contains acidity: it’s what often provides it with that fruity, signature flavor so many have come to love. However, not all the acids in coffee are beneficial, especially for those with more sensitive stomachs. The coffee roasters from Café Don Pedro have made it their life’s work to help as […]

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How to Make Your Coffee Less Acidic

If you suffer from chronic heartburn or acid reflux, then drinking coffee each morning might be tough on your stomach. But it’s important to know that a cup of low acid coffee can be just the solution. However, not everyone is aware of precisely how to make their daily cup less acidic, so Café Don […]

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5 Benefits of Mountain-Grown Coffee

It’s no secret that the best coffee often comes from more sparsely populated, mountainous regions of the world. Places like Colombia and Hawaii are often considered exceptional coffee producers, but why exactly? Well, the team from Café Don Pedro is here to tell you that elevation plays a huge role in the development of a […]

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