October 2017

The Story Of Coffee

Green coffee is an agricultural commodity that is traded all over the world. Indeed, coffee is the second largest traded commodity in world after oil. The original coffee tree was discovered by a shepherd in Aden south Yemen on the edge of the Arabian Peninsula. When the shepherd noticed his sheep became hyper when ingested […]

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The Coffees of The World

Coffee plants are grown around the world within certain geographical locations and environmental conditions. These two essential criteria for coffee plantation provide fertile soil from green volcanic mountains, and climatic conditions of rain and tropical sunlight. These specific geographical and environmental conditions are located in the coffee belt around the world within 6000 miles north […]

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Regional Characteristics of Coffee

Coffee characteristics are measured by the quality of the bean and the intensity of flavor, aroma, acidity and taste (body) mild or bold. The coffee belt around the world have various shapes of topography and environmental conditions that are contributing to certain characteristics in coffee.Due to certain natural elements of geographical locations and environmental conditions, […]

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